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Looking back 2013 has been a succesfull year for the SNOWMAN network.

The forth SNOWMAN network call closed on December 15th, 2013 and resulted in the application of 8 project proposals. Five proposals were rejected and 3 were recommended for funding within the Call 4 budget: BALANCE4P, RAI-SOILCOMP and URBAN SOIL.
These projects are specifically addressing social and economic sciences in the context of soil and landmanagement issues. The contracts were signed and the consortia had their first meetings. Our portfolio includes these new Call 4 projects.

We have been working on updating the SNOWMAN landscape,  the links between national and European research projects and programmes in this landscape are based on specific research questions.

We ended 2013 with a great knowledge exchange meeting in Paris (19th and 20th November) gathering all the consortia participating in Call 2 (final meeting), Call 3 (midterm meeting) and Call 4 (kick-off meeting): sharing results, discussing research and knowledge dissemination and thus building the network.

Just after the Paris meeting (November 29th) a Webinar was organized focussing on the IMagH project. The webinar hotspots were Paris, Stockholm, London, Mechelen and Gouda together with 99 participants.

Looking Forward, 2014 promises to a very strategic and determining year.

The potential future position of the SNOWMAN Network has been assessed, specifically taking into account Horizon 2020. The SNOWMAN Network has decided to build a consortium with existing and new partners to answer the H2020 Call for a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) and to design a strategic research agenda (SRA) for activities on soil, land use and land management that should be implemented through future joint calls.


This CSA could definitely build upon and profit from experiences and collaboration developed in the SNOWMAN Network because connecting soil, (soil) science and (the H2020) societal challenges requires the SNOWMAN features to:

    • position soil science as a connecting key-stone;

    • promote multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary research;

    • promote participation of relevant stakeholders: scientists, knowledge community, governmental agencies, policy makers, businesses, industry, entrepreneurs, consultants, NGO’s, citizens;

    • carry out projects as experiments involving stakeholders as end-users and including business interest;

    • play the role as knowledge brokers for participatory joint learning and practical application and knowledge dissemination;

    • not only focus on Science-Policy Interfacing but on Science-Policy-Practice (SPP) interfacing


Thus we aim at contributing to European research programming, creating synergies and developing joint programmes and projects. The SNOWMAN Network encompasses all soil-related themes: we take a broad and balanced approach and starting from our core group, we have extended to new partners and expanded our strategic collaboration.


In 2014, “business as usual” will continue as well with the focus on the Call 3 and Call 4 projects and consortia meetings. Knowledge dissemination activities will be held, for instance in a joint meeting with NICOLE  this year.


Enjoy reading,

Simon Moolenaar



On November 19 and 20, 2013 the Knowledge dissemination meeting of all SNOWMAN projects was held at Les Salons du Relais in Paris with a total of 65 participants.

An introduction on the projects and knowledge dissemination was given by the call coordinator Frédérique Cadière and Simon Moolenaar introduced the SNOWMAN network and future plans of the network.

During these days the results of the finalized call 2 projects INSPECT and MCA were presented, as well as the midterm results of the call 3 projects IBRACS, IMaHg, PACMAN, ECOSOM, SUSTAIN and SASSTRAT. On November 20th the Kick-off meeting presented the new call 4 projects BALANCE4P, RAISOILCOMP and URBAN SOIL. Communication of these results and of the REJUVENATE 2 project are on the SNOWMAN website.


During the dissemination meeting of November 2011 Marthijn Sonneveld was one of our participants. Due to cancer Marthijn could not join the network meeting this year. Marthijn passed away on December 28th 2013 as a result of a short but severe sickbed. Marthijn was one of our reviewers for the Call 2 and 4 project proposals. We will miss him as enthousiastic and experienced reviewer and a kind person.  


The SNOWMAN landscape has been updated including the GESSOL projects. Researchers are invited to update and use the SNOWMAN landscape. How do use and contribute to the landscape is presented on the SNOWMAN landscape website: www.snowmanlandscape.com


The SNOWMAN network portfolio was presented during the Knowledge dissemination meeting in November 2013. For more information on all finalized and running projects follow the link

The SNOWMAN network year was finalsed with the Annual report 2013.

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