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Dear reader,

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2013. We will look back again one more time to last year to show you what we achieved. We will give you a glimpse of what's on our agenda for 2013. This is an exciting year, with the further developments within the Horizon 2020 framework at the European level, and the selection of the projects of our fourth coordinated call.

In November, the steering and advisory group gathered for our fall meeting. We took the opportunity to make a short film to explain in our own words what we stand for and what our dream for SNOWMAN is. Take a look at are video, part 1 and part 2!

Also, two projects from our second call are finalised. A short summary can be found further in this newsletter.

With this newsletter I also like to say goodbye to you as chair and member of the SNOWMAN network.  I will start a new job at the Flemish Ministry on Environment. Bert Van Goidsenhoven will now represent the OVAM in the network steering group. In the last 7 years I met inspiring and committed people and I'm glad I was able to be part in building our network. 
The new SNOWMAN network chair appointed for finalizing 2013 will be Simon Moolenaar of SKB.

All the best and enjoy reading!

Sofie Van den Bulck


What have we achieved in 2012?

Every year, we make an annual report of our achievements. You can find the full report here.

Some highlights:

  • the scope of call 4 was defined in cooperation with experts and stakeholders. Also, the call procedures were reviewed on the basis of comments we received after call 3. Finally, call 4 was launched in September. Total budget: 1,8 million euro, with 7 partners participating
  • we received the admission to have a special session at AquaConsoil 2013
  • ADEME and OVAM exchanged knowledge: a delegation of ADEME visited OVAM to talk about legislation and research projects
  • SKB and SGI organised a webinar on risk assessment of contaminated sediments. About 75 people gathered at different hotspots in the Netherlands and Sweden to discuss and exchange knowledge
  • The management paper of SNOWMAN was changed to allow actors on sharing and development of knowledge to join SNOWMAN
  • The selection of a new Advisory Group. Curious to know who? Click on this link.

What is our ambition for 2013?

First of all, the projects that will be funded in call 4, will be peer reviewed and selected. We'll monitor the projects from the earlier calls that are still running (MCA, PACMAN, ECOSOM, SUSTAIN, IMaHg, SASSTRAT and IBRACS) and we will have a combined meeting for the kickoff of the call 4 and midterm results of the other projects in fall.

The SNOWMAN Research Program will be reviewed through the inventory of funders’ priorities for research programming.

We will have a special session at AquaConsoil 2013, on Tuesday 16th April (16h-17h30). The SNOWMAN landscape will be the framework of the session.

The options for participation of SNOWMAN in a new setting within the context of H2020, EIP’s and ERAnet(+) will be explored.


Two projects from Call 2 are finalized:

INSPECT stands for 'INtegration of SPatially Explicit risks of ConTaminants in Spatial Planning and Land Management'. The goal of the project was to further refine a decision support system (DSS) that was developed within another European project BERISP ('Breaking Ecotoxicological Restraints in Spatial Planning'). This DSS is a free computer program which allows an iterative procedure in spatial planning processes, in which a planner can review different scenario's of landscape uses and habitat distribution against scientific knowledge on risks of pollutants for organisms (little owl, blackbird, small mammals and large herbivores). Finally, the different scenarios are compared in pairs. Because of the use of maps, the DSS is a strong visual instrument. The program consists of scientific models that were validated for a number of contaminated areas in the Netherlands, Flanders and France. The research partners are the University of Franche-Comté (F), the University of Antwerp (B) and Alterra Wageningen UR (NL). The DSS is available at www.berisp.org

The final report still has to be approved by the Call Steering Committee.
REJUVENATE factsheet

Application period call 4 closed 

Applications for research projects, funded under the fourth call of the SNOWMAN network , were due by December 17, 2012. Eight projects proposals were sent in, for a total budget of almost 1,9 million euro. All projects have passed the eligibility and fundability test and will now enter the peer reviewing stage. The final decision on project selection is expected by the summer, unless some extra explanation is required by the researchers.



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