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Dear reader,

In this issue we bring you the first announcement of the fourth call for international research projects of the network. The thematical scope of the call is about social and economic issues related to research on soil contamination and agricultural and forest soils (with special emphasis on climate change). By integrating social and economic disciplines and soil and natural sciences, we aim for projects that investigate the relations between economic (profit), ecologic (planet) and social (people) systems.

The INSPECT-project which was selected after the second call of the network is now ending. The French-Dutch-Flemish research team developed a decision support system that allows the user to  compare different land planning scenarios based on the level of contamination of the soil and the ecological effects for selected species. You'll find a short report about demonstration sessions that were held in Flanders and the Netherlands.This demonstration session is an example of the importance of bringing the research results to the potential users. In the last months we sent out a questionnaire to our research community about knowledge dissemination. You'll find the results in the newsletter.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all partners in the network for their enduring efforts and continous enthousiasm. It has led to the fact that we can celebrate on the 18th of June the third anniversary of the SNOWMAN network. The network steering group especially wants to thank Nadine Dueso of ADEME, France for her participation in the network. We wish her all the luck with her new position within ADEME as the head of the research and advanced technologies department. We welcome her colleague Frédérique Cadière as new member of the steering group. 

If you have a special wish or message for our 'birthday', please let us know at info@snowmannetwork.com.

Enjoy reading!

Sofie Van den Bulck, chair 2012

Preannouncement call 4

The first announcement of the fourth call for research projects of the SNOWMAN network will be published on the website of the SNOWMAN network at the end of June. The focus of the call will be on the relation between soil (quality, protection, conservation, functions and services) on the one hand and social and economic sciences on the other hand. The socio-economic issues are clustered around two themes: soil contamination and agricultural and forest soils (with special emphasis on climate change). New is that, due to the thematical scope of the call, the involvement of socio-economic scientists in the project team is required and the involvement of both natural and socio-economic scientists in the project team is highly recommended.
An indicative budget of around 1,7 Million euro will be provided by 7 funders from Sweden, Belgium (Flanders and Walloon region), the Netherlands and France.

The call will open in September, but by giving you a first glimpse, we hope you take the opportunity to spread the information to interested parties or partners or inform yourself at the SNOWMAN secretariat or your national contact point. A newsflash will be sent out when the preannouncement is published.

Demonstration sessions INSPECT-project

INSPECT stands for 'INtegration of SPatially Explicit risks of ConTaminants in Spatial Planning and Land Management'. The goal of the project was to further refine a decision support system (DSS) that was developed within another European project BERISP ('Breaking Ecotoxicological Restraints in Spatial Planning'). This DSS is a free computer program which allows an iterative procedure in spatial planning processes, in which a planner can review different scenario's of landscape uses and habitat distribution against scientific knowledge on risks of pollutants for organisms (little owl, blackbird, small mammals and large herbivores). Finally, the different scenarios are compared in pairs. Because of the use of maps, the DSS is a strong visual instrument. The program consists of scientific models that were validated for a number of contaminated areas in the Netherlands, Flanders and France. The research partners are the University of Franche-Comté (F), the University of Antwerp (B) and Alterra Wageningen UR (NL). The DSS is available at www.berisp.org


On March 12th, a demonstration session was held at the offices of the Flemish funder OVAM. 16 participants from competent governmental organisations and consultants attended. First, a general introduction as given, followed by a working session in which the participants were allowed to 'play' with the DSS, bring in their own data sets and ask questions to the researchers. During and after lunch, a discussion was held to see how the DSS could be further developed to assist the participants. It was suggested to expand the DSS with risks for certain tree species as they play an important role in the distribution or retention of heavy metals. Also the tool could be of great use in aquatic environments. The integration of more pollutants like mineral oil and PCB's could be of great use. All participants appreciated the strong visual properties of the tool.

SAS STRAT project

SAS STRAT consortium visiting the Beemster in the Netherlands.
Can we connect good soil quality with added value for the Beemster cheese?
Although soil is interesting, the French found the phenomenon "polder" and the organization formed by Dutch water boards, even more interesting ....

Results questionnaire

Questionnaire on knowledge dissemination in on-going SNOWMAN projects 2012

In the spring of 2012 the SNOWMAN network sent out a questionnaire to the project leaders of the on-going SNOWMAN projects. The purpose was to get an overview of the activities as well as to find good examples of activities that can be useful to other projects and in future calls.

In short, two of the projects (IBRAC and INSPECT) report that they have set up project web-sites and one has been using the SNOWMAN organizations web pages (IMaHg) for posting information and results. 10 peer reviewed publications are reported (8 within INSPECT and 2 within REJUVENATE 2, some in preparation). More than 30 oral or poster presentations have been given at national and international conferences or workshops. Several of the projects have participated in stakeholder meetings, or have consulted the stakeholders by asking them for their specific interests and needs.

The responses from the projects can be found on the SNOWMAN webpage Knowledge dissemination.  


SNOWMAN Network wants to stimulate the use of both new and existing knowledge. Not only the knowledge that is being developed in the SNOWMAN projects but we also want to share the knowledge that is being developed in our national programmes.  
This year we start with videoconferencing and webinars. The first experiment will be a videoconference between Swedish and Dutch parties.  
We are also in the process of organizing a webinar for a broader audience. If you are interested in participating in one of these events, please contact us .


SNOWMAN members and partners
 Country  Organisation  
Austria  Kommunalkredit, Public Consulting
Afflilate member,
participating in Call 2

Belgium, Flanders


Openbare Vlaamse Afvalstoffenmaatschappij, Flanders
Full member,
participating in Call 2 and 3


Belgium, Flanders


Departement Leefmilieu, Natuur en Energie
Full member,
participating in Call 3


Belgium, Wallonia


Direction Générale Opérationnelle de l’Agriculture,
des Ressources Naturelles et de l’Environnement
Affliate member,
participating in Call 3



Agence De l‘Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l‘Energie
Full member,
participating in Call 2 and 3





Ministère de l’Ecologie, du Développement Durable et de l’Energie
Full member,
participating in Call 3


The Netherlands

SKB sustainable development of the subsurface
Full member,
participating in Call 2 and 3

Roumania  Unitatea Executiva pentru Finantarea Inatamantului Superior si a
Cercetarii Stiintifice Universitare
Affiliate member,
participating in Call 2 


Forskningsrådet för Miljö, Areella näringar och Samhällsbyggande
Affiliate member,
participating in Call 2 and 3



Full member,
participating in Call 2 and 3


Groningenweg 10
P.O. Box 420
2800 AK Gouda
The Netherlands
Phone +31 182 540 690