Research projects related to soil contamination:

  • INSPECT : INtegration of SPatially Explicit risks of ConTaminants in Spatial Planning and Land Management
  • ImaHg : Enhanced knowledge in mercury fate and transport for improved management of Hg soil contamination
  • PACMAN : Assessment and Management of polar PACs in contaminated soils and remedial processes
  • IBRACS : Integrating Bioavailability in Risk Assessment of Contaminated Soils: opportunities and feasibilities
  • MUSA : Integrating Muliple Scale Impact Assessment on Ecosystems for Contaminated site management
  • IOPSIM : (Im)mobilization of organic pollutants by soil constituents in the soil/ground water system – Strategies for innovative management.
  • PERSPEC : Perspectives on mobilisation of prioritised contaminants in soil
  • REJUVENATE : Crop Based Systems for Sustainable Risk Based Land Management for Economically Marginal Degraded Land
  • BALANCE 4P : Balancing decisions for urban brownfield regeneration – people, planet, profit and processes
  • MCA : Multi-criteria analysis (MCA) of remediation alternatives to access their overall impact and cost/benefit, with focus on soil function (ecosystem services and goods) and sustainability
  • SUMATECS : Sustainable management of trace element contaminated soils -Development of a decision tool system and its evaluation for practical application
© Laurent Mignaux /MEDDE-MLETR

© Laurent Mignaux /MEDDE-MLETR