Policy brief Agricultural soils : practices and transition pathways to improve ecosystem service provision

Synthesizing the most salient results of four research projects funded by the SNOWMAN network, this Policy brief assesses the consequences of several fertilization and tillage practices on multiple provisioning, regulation and maintenance ecosystem services. It further discusses possible tools and pathways likely to foster transition towards the sustainable management of agricultural soils.

Research projects related to agriculture:

  • ECOSOM : Soil organic matter as a key factor in the provision of soil ecosystem services
  • RAISOILCOMP : Raising Awareness on the Impact of subSOIL COMPaction
  • SAS-STRAT : Sustainable Agriculture and Soil: comparative study of strategies for managing the integrated quality of agricultural soils in different regions of Europe / Belgium, France, Netherlands
  • SUSTAIN : Soil Functional Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, a Transdisciplinary Approach
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