History of the network

The SNOWMAN network started in 2003 as an ERA-Net funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Program. The aim of the ERA-NET period (2003-2009) was to establish a network of research funders to execute joint calls for research projects. The first pilot call was successully launched in 2006 by the five partners of the network (Ademe (France), MEDDE (France), SEPA (Sweden), OVAM/LNE (Belgium), SKB (The Netherlands)) and resulted in the funding of 5 projects (see call 1 page).

Since 2009, SNOWMAN has transformed into a self-sustained network of research funding organisations and administrations in the field of sustainable management of soil [and groundwater] in Europe. Initally focused on the management of contaminated sites, the network has progressively expanded its scope to tackle other aspects related to soil sustainable management. Meanwhile, the partners evolved and a more interdisciplinary approach was favored. 

To date, the SNOWMAN network has launched 4 calls and funded 17 projects for a total of 4,8M€ (see portfolio). The SNOWMAN network has decided to devote 2015 and 2016 to knowledge dissemination and to the development of new and stronger collaborations within and outside the network. Given the new context of the European research Area related to soil and land management , opportunities for joint calls and activities will be reassessed in 2016.

The rules and procedures adopted up until 2015 are presented under the History tab.

Video SNOWMAN network part 1 2012
Video SNOWMAN network part 2 2012