Monitored Natural Attenuation

On November 7th 2011 the SNOWMAN network held a conference on Monitored Natural Attenuation in Paris.

MNA is a well known remediation method, but presents a challenge in terms of technique and performance, fitting into soil policy, the sociological impact and the financial and legal implications.
Among the various SNOWMAN network countries there are significant differences in implementation.  SNOWMAN network is preparing an inventory of these differences as well as of recent research projects and projects in which MNA has been applied. Using this state-of-the-art information and some thematic key presentations, we want to share views and experiences during this unique day of knowledge exchange.
This conference is a first demonstration of how the SNOWMAN network wants to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on soil remediation between countries. This first step will be followed by a webinar in 2012 in order to give exchange knowledge and information to a broader audience.


Presentations MNA conference Paris:

MNA from a European industry point of viewRoger Jacquet, SOLVAY 520Kb
Results of the KORA-projects: options for the future?Martin Bittens, UFZ, Helmholtz Centre for environmental research 681Kb
Inventory of the use of MNA in the SNOWMAN partner countriesInge Declercq 1,05Mb
Experience on the development of MNA in the fieldCarlos S. Pachon, Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation U.S. EPA 837Kb
Introduction techniques and researchIlse van Keer, VITO 1,03Mb
Techniques and researchJohan Gemoets, VITO 418Kb
Implementation and acceptanceCo Molenaar, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment 476Kb

Booklet on MNA