INtegration of SPatially Explicit risks of ConTaminants in Spatial Planning and Land Management, published December 2012

Parties involved:
Lead organization: Chrono-environnement  (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France)
Research partner organization: SPHERE (Belgium)
Research partner organization: Alterra (The Netherlands)

Overall objective:
ntegrate environmental risk assessment of contaminants into land management and spatial planning processes in order to mitigate possible risks as efficiently as possible. To reach this goal, the operational objectives of this project are to validate and extend the use of a spatially explicit decision support system (DSS) named BERISP (see details hereafter) and to spread it within the scientific community and stakeholders involved in the study and management of contaminated sites.

  • Objective 1: develop BERISP-DSS for a wider range of application in spatial planning processes
  • Objective 2: perform case studies for validation and extension of the BERISP-DSS and for communication (objective 3)
  • Objective 3: communicate the BERISP-DSS to lay audience, stakeholders and the scientific community

The project will address the following call topics:

  • Area management of contamination
  • Integration of soil management into spatial planning


Renaud Scheifler – Chrono-environnement:

Lieven Bervoets – SPHERE:

Nico van den Brink – Alterra:


Project deliverables

Peer-reviewed publications

Roggeman, S., van den Brink, N., Van Praet, N., Blust, R., & Bervoets, L. (2013). Metal exposure and accumulation patterns in free-range cows (Bos taurus) in a contaminated natural area: Influence of spatial and social behavior. Environmental Pollution, 172, 186-199

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Fritsch C., Coeurdassier M., Faivre B., Baurand P.E., Giraudoux P., W. van den Brink N. 2012. Influence of landscape composition and diversity on contaminant flux in terrestrial food webs: A case study of trace metal transfer to European blackbirds Turdus merula. Science of the Total Environment 432 (2012) 275–287

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