Advisory group

The responsibilities of the Advisory group are:

  • To advise the Network Steering Group on the biannual updating of the SNOWMAN Research Programme
  • To advise the Network Steering Group on the quality of the network
  • To assist the Call Steering Committee in the review of final project reports


Jon Greaves Environmental Agency England and Wales, United Kingdom
Dominique Darmendrail BRGM, Direction Generale, representing Common Forum, France
Jean-Louis Morel Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, France
Armell de Bohan Ademe, France
Claire Chenu INRA, France
Jean-Luc Peyron Ecofor, France
Bjorn Sellberg Former FORMAS, Sweden
Wouter Gevaerts Arcadis, Belgium, representing NICOLE
Victor Dries Belgium
Ton Breure RIVM, The Netherlands
Huub Rijnaarts Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Luca Montanarella European Commission