Peer review members 2009 – 2013 (Calls 2, 3 and 4)

The SNOWMAN network acknowledges the following reviewers for their contribution in reviewing submitted projects to the networks’ second, third and fourth calls:

Karl E. Lorber Austria
Jean Marc Aldric Belgium (Wallonia)
Vincent Brahy Belgium (Wallonia)
Marie-France Destain Belgium (Wallonia)
Griet van Gestel Belgium (Flanders)
An van Pelt Belgium (Flanders)
Joost Salomez Belgium (Flanders)
Antoine Stevens Belgium (Wallonia)
Martial Bernoux France
Antonio Bispo France
Eric Blanchart France
Fréderique Cadiere France
Claude Compagnone France
Cécile Delolme France
Jean Roger Estrade France
Cécile Grand France
Frédérique Goulet France
Laurence Haouche-Belkessam France
Pierre-Alain Jayet France
Alexandra Langlais France
Robert Lifran France
Didier Margot France
Franck Marot France
Vincent Martinet France
Jerome Payet France
Jacques Ranger France
Caroline Rantien France
Hélène Roussel France
Christophe Schwartz France
Karine Tack France
Joerg Roembke Germany
Luca Montanarella Italy
Frank Boons The Netherlands
Ton Breure The Netherlands
Wim Bussink The Netherlands
Jacobus Groen The Netherlands
Jurgen van der Heijden The Netherlands
Frans Mulder The Netherlands
Ingrid van Reijsen The Netherlands
Marthijn Sonneveld The Netherlands
Jaap Tuinstra The Netherlands
Quirine Winkler The Netherlands
Virgil Lordache Romania
Tuiija Hilding-Rydevik Sweden
Mona Hogberg Sweden
Micheal Johannesson Sweden
Yvonne Ohlsson Sweden
Wilhelm Ostberg Sweden
Sandra Silva Paulsen Sweden