Project board

Project Boards are set up by the Funders for each funded project. They consist of one representative for each of the Funders who are funding a particular project. The Project Boards have the responsibility:

  • to assist the Call Steering Committee for the transnational monitoring of the funded projects and to inform the Call Steering Committee, via the Call Secretariat, of any event occurring in the projects which might adversely affect delivery;
  • To provide a helpdesk facility to answer questions and resolve problems raised by the research consortia, via the Call Secretariat, which cannot be solved within the project consortium itself, or between a project research partner and its national funder;
  • To monitor project progress by means of review of progress reports;
  • To advise the Funders on the acceptability of project progress and final outputs;
  • To approve any changes to contracts;
  • Through the Project Board Chair, to present the collective views of the Funders to the project coordinators for each project.