Network Steering Group (NSG)

The NSG consists of representatives of all the members of the Network. By clicking on the logo go to the webpage of the organisation.

ademe Isabelle Feix – SNOWMAN Chair photo I Feix 2
MEDDE Gilles Rayé – MTES Representative and SNOWMAN Secretariat
ademe Frédérique Cadière – Call Coordinator FC
leeuw-ovam_Q_eng-HR Bert van Goidsenhoven – Member of the Network Steering Group
Kerstin Jansbo – Contact Advisory group
MEDDE Hélène Soubelet – Task team member socio economics
SGI Yvonne Ohlsson – Member of the Network Steering Group YVONNE_OHLSSON
agriculture walonie Esther Goidts – Member of the Network Steering Group EstherG

Tasks of the Network Steering Group (NSG)

  • To provide overall direction and co-ordination of the network
  • To initiate joint calls
  • To install and coach task teams
  • To agree programme of events and activities
  • To program and monitor the budgets
  • To liaise with the EU
  • To manage the dialogue with the outside world
  • To fix the network fee
  • To decide which information has to be published by the secretariat
  • To decide on contacts with other network delegations, participation in conferences etc
  • To accept new memberships and conditions for membership
  • To amend/change the management paper