3 SNOWMAN projects at the 2nd Global Soil Security conference
“More Science-Society Interfaces for a Global Soil Security – Paris, December 5-6, 2016″

ECOSOM, SUSTAIN and BALANCE 4P will be presented at the 2nd Global Soil Security Conference in Paris, December 2016.

Balance 4P project’s Final report available
“Balancing decisions for urban brownfield regeneration – people, planet, profit and processes”Jenny Norrman (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
SNOWMAN Knowledge Dissemination Meeting 2015
Projects’ presentations and synthesis of the panel discussion available here

13 research projects – 8 SNOWMAN projects and 5 from the European 7th Framework program – were discussed during the 2015 annual SNOWMAN meeting (March 25-26th, Paris). These projects brought new insights for the management of soil contamination, issues related to urban soils and land-uses, a better understanding of soil functioning and ecosystem services as well as stakeholder engagement.

Two starting Horizon 2020 projects also contributed to the meeting: the INSPIRATION coordination and support action, which is set to build the European soil, land-use and land management strategic research agenda and the BIODIVERSA ERA-Net, which shared its past and planned actions related to soil and land use.

These presentations were followed by a panel discussion on the priorities for European research related to soils in the coming years and the best ways to foster the scientific developments required for a sustainable soil use and management.

PACMAN project’s final report available

“Assessment and Management of polar PACs in contaminated soils and remedial processes” Staffan Lundstedt (UmeĆ„ University, Sweden)

SNOWMAN is a transnational group of research funding organizations and administrations in the field of soil sustainable management in Europe. We aim to bridge the gap between knowledge demand and supply (Science-Policy-Practice Interface) through the development and sharing of relevant knowledge. More information.


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